Speech and Hearing Centre has completed 43 years of existence this April.

Having started in 1972, the centre has grown to be one of the finest centres in the country. We have worked very hard, updated and upgraded ourselves to be in that position of excellence and will strive hard to continue to be in there.

We have a team of dedicated Audiologists, speech pathologists, special educators and other supporting staff. We have state of the art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various speech and hearing problems.

Our Mission

We at Speech and Hearing Centre are working incessantly to improve the 'quality of life' the speech and hearing impaired persons. We aim at providing the best service available to people of all ages with speech, language and hearing problems.

Our goal is to provide a door for everyone with speech and hearing problems that they can knock for help.

We seek to reach out to every such person with speech and hearing problem and to rehabilitate them so that they can enjoy a good 'quality of life'.

What Makes Us Different

  • Our knowledge on the subject.
  • Our dedication towards our work.
  • Commitment towards our patients makes us different from others.

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