The center provides speech and language therapy for various speech and language disorders. Speech and language disorders affects both children and adults. The disorder can develop in early childhood and can be acquired later in life. The progress in therapy is always better and faster when the problem is identified and corrected as early as possible.

Speech Therapy For Misarticulation (Unclear Speech)

Misarticulation is a disorder of speech in which a child is not able to pronounce a sound correctly. This unclear speech can be due to a physical abnormailty like cleft palate or sometimes can be there in the absence of any evident physical abnormality. This disorder can be corrected with speech therapy where in, the therapist models the correct pronounciation of the misarticulated sound to the child.

Speech Therapy For Stuttering (Stammering)

Stuttering is a disorder of fluency of speech which can develop in early childhood and sometimes in young adults. The dysfluencies can be in the form of repetition of initial syllables or words in a sentence, hesitations and pauses. These dysfluencies are often associated with secondaries such as eye blinking, increase tension in the facial muscles like lips and avoiding eye contact. If left untreated it can increase in severity over time.

Speech Therapy For Dysarthria(Slurred Speech)

Dysarthria is a disorder of speech which affects the precision, quality and clarity of speech production. It can be caused due to neurogenic conditions when a child is born with such as cerebral palsy. In adults, dysarthria can result from a head injury. This disorders can be treated through oro - motor therapy which involves oro - motor exrecises.

Speech & Language Therapy For Delay in speech and language development

A child is said to have a delay in speech and language if, he or she does not speak at the age level he or she is suppose to, when compared to normally developing children of the same age. For example: a normally developing child will start using single words to communicate by 12 to 16 months and will start using two word sentences around two years of age. The speech and language delay can be due to various causes such as lack of language stimulation, exposure to more than one language (in some children), hearing loss, developmental delays (mental retardation), cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders.

The centre provides speech and language therapy for these disorders.

Speech & Language Therapy For Aphasia

Aphasia is the complete or partial loss of receptive language (understanding) and expressive language (talking) due to a cerebro vascular accident such as stroke or road traffic accidents. Sometimes aphasia and dysarthria can exist together. Intensive and immediate intervention following the incident improves the chances of complete recovery.

Voice Therapy For Puberphonia(High pitched voice in adult males)

Puberphonia is a disorder of voice where the voice continues to be high pitched and female like even after the onset of puberty (when the voice becomes lower in pitch and deeper in normal young males). Puberphonia can be due to harmonal imbalances or can be idiopathic. The idiopathic type can be easily treated only by voice therapy whereas the one caused be harmonal imbalance will need medical support too.

The centre provides voice assessment and therpay using computerized software such as Dr. Speech. This type of objective measurement enables the therapist to analyze various voice parameters and develop a client specific intervention strategy.

Voice Therapy For Hoarse Voice

The abuse and misuse of voice can cause hoarse voice. This disorder affects both children and adults. Often voice therapy is done in conjunction with medical intervention.

Speech & Hearing Center offers the following comprehensive range of testing facilities:

Computerized Voice Analysis, Spectrographic Analysis and Voice Therapy
Speech Evaluation and Speech Therapy
Customized Ear Moulds
Tests for speech and Language Assesment
  • REELS 2 ( Receptive Expressive Emergent Language Scale 2nd Edition)
  • SSI 3 ( Stuttering Severity Instrument for children and adults, 3rd Edition)
  • SPI ( Stuttering Prediction Instrument for young children)
  • SECS ( Scales for Early Communication Skills)
  • IATB ( Indore Aphasia Test Battery)
  • CHAT ( Checklist for Autism in toddlers)
  • Diagnostic scale for Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • FDA ( Franchey Dysarthria Assesment)
  • Hindi Articulation Test
  • Apraxia Test Battery

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